Saturday, October 23, 2010

The meaning of today, tomorrow, and the next

All the days are filled with love.

Today we were surrounded by the love of so many. The thoughtfulness and conscious prayers. The sharing of sorrow and the sharing of joy. The arms of others wrapped around us in the sweet honor of Elan Vie. We soaked it in.

Tomorrow we will surround each other with our own love. We will hold each other tightly and focus intently on our love story. We will be mindful of the gift of Elan Vie, our living vows, the journey at home together over the last weeks, the love in our gazes, our arms wrapped around each other. We will soak it in.

The day after tomorrow marks a new chapter as RJ returns to work. A chapter that we are hesitant to enter and yet know its value too. We will be loved in it and love back.

The days to come hold many gifts for us. They hold the gifts of new experiences, new sights and sounds. They hold the gifts of old and favorite soothing graces as well. They hold our son fondly in our features and in our hearts.

You who have held us and learned new ways to love are such a gift. You live with us more richly than ever before and you walk our path and build bridges for us. There is a knowing that we all share now that knocks at our doors in many ways, it has entered our lives. It is a knowing that asks no questions and demands no favors. You too have birthed, and you too absorb the beauty of the days that are to come.


  1. Dear Jalene and RJ, we realize it has been a few weeks since we heard that little Elan has passed away at birth. We have stayed silent during this time because the news was so devastating to us, we simply could not do it. Having a new baby ourselves we can imagine the pain this must have brought to you. As your friends we say to you… our hearts are with you. As for little Elan may peace be upon him. Though he did not live long in this world, he did leave a huge impact in our hearts and undoubtedly in many others. May little Elan be in peace where he is now. With love, Mara & Dogan